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Ag Automation Tech and Equipment Highlights From John Deere's Go-to-Market Managers

9 May 2024  •  Tony Kramer

Automation? It’s here. From the S7 Combines’ Predictive Ground Speed Automation to C-Series Air Carts’ EZCalibration, Podcast Host and Planting Technology Manager Tony Kramer discusses precision ag technology and equipment developed to make farmers’ lives easier. Watch as Kramer gets the latest from Deere’s Go-to-Market Managers about Precision Upgrade Kits, 9RX tractors and more from this year’s Commodity Classic.

Interested in hearing more from John Deere's Go-to-Market Managers? Listen to Episode 198 of the Ag Technology Podcast, here.

Tony Kramer

Tony Kramer is the Product Manager of Planting Technology and a Certified Crop Advisor at RDO Equipment Co. He is also the host of the Agriculture Technology podcast. If you have any questions for Tony or would like to be a guest on the podcast, you can find him on X at @RDOTonyK.

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