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Carlson Command: Communication Creates Consistency for Landfills

23 Feb 2023

Senior Equipment Operator Lawrence Garcia, Jr. remembers when he and fellow operators had to climb in and out of a compactor’s cab to monitor grade and compaction. Garcia, who’s worked at the Billings Regional Landfill for more than 16 years, says he was taught to eyeball piles they were compacting along with his fellow operators as they did multiple passes in a landfill’s pod.  

That all changed a few years ago when Regional Landfill Supervisor Bart Twitchell connected with RDO Equipment Co. Team members in Billings, Montana.  

“Carlson Landfill Grade gives us everything we need to know about compaction and what we're doing all day long on that pile,” Twitchell said. Operators know exactly where they're at where they need to go. It tells them exactly where and when they've done enough compaction, so they can move and go somewhere else” Twitchell said.

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