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How Connected Agriculture Equipment Helped Growers to Cut Fuel Costs By $100k

28 Nov 2022

Because of the information provided by RDO team members' explaining their fleets’ telematics data sets in JDLink’s Machine Analyzer,  Farms Production Manager Brennan Whitby said he and his family were able to compare fuel utilization among specific groups of equipment, separated by machine types. Meeting with RDO Connected Support team members, the Whitby brothers devised a program to reduce idle time and decrease costs through auto-idle or shutdown applications and ensuring each piece of equipment worked in eco-mode (optimal gear) when possible. 

“John Deere has a lot of capability there that I do not think people realize. I mean, we didn’t realize it, and there are still things we are learning,” he said.  

Family operations like the Whitbys show how operators of all sizes can reap significant benefits from streamlining their machines and working with a well-coordinated service group.  


Discover more stories about how RDO team members help customers to build and grow their business for the future.  


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