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Increase Backhoe Productivity with Attachments — 3 Crucial Backhoe Attachments

5 May 2020  •  Dennis Howard

What’s one of the best ways to increase backhoe productivity? With attachments. Whether a John Deere backhoe or other used backhoe for sale, attachments are key to maximizing this industry workhorse on the jobsite. 

Diane Krouse joins Dennis Howard to talk about three crucial backhoe attachments. Diane also shares where to buy used equipment attachments. Watch to find out the three most popular attachments for a backhoe and where to find the right ones.

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Dennis Howard

Dennis Howard has spent more than a decade with RDO Equipment Co.’s construction equipment division, working with teams in the company’s Texas and the Desert Southwest regions. As a Vice President, he focuses on fleet management, with used construction equipment values and heavy equipment sales two of his key areas of expertise.


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