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Two Montana Contractors Reduce Build Time by Days, Not Hours

11 Jan 2024

Two builders tripled their efficiency using surveying technology, machine control and the right excavator with an Engcon tilt rotator.

Jason Gerbozy, President of J. Martin Builders, utilizes Topcon's LN-150 throughout the construction of a custom home in Montana's Flathead Valley, from initial design and site planning to the final day of construction.

"When the customer took me out to this wooded site, I could lay out his house in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days," Gerbozy said.

His trusted partner, RDO Equipment Co.'s Account Manager Stephen Roach, introduced Topcon's MC-Mobile system.

"With the MC-Mobile system, Gerbozy can mark trees with the tablet and then hand it off to his subcontractor, Black Diamond Landworks Owner/Operator Mack Lipka,” Roach said.

Lipka, who installed the septic system for this home with his John Deere 85G Excavator and Engcon tiltrotor, used the MC-Mobile tablet in the cab to follow Gerbozy’s grade plan to achieve the correct grade and slope. Roach said Lipka could get to work right away when Gerbozy simply handed him the tablet. This gave them both peace of mind.

"I like to do something once and know that it is done right without having to come back and do it," Lipka said.

Watch the video to see J. Martin Builders and Black Diamond Landworks optimize their productivity with RDO and technology.


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