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Connected Support for Your Machines

Protecting your machine investment and maximizing uptime is everyone’s goal. RDO Equipment Co. makes this goal more achievable with our Connected Support packages. 

With our Support Center, you can delegate all machine monitoring functions to us, or we can monitor your fleet in conjunction with your own team. The result is healthier equipment, reduced costs, and more productivity for you.

What is Connected Support?

RDO Equipment Co. has a team dedicated to machine health alerts to help you protect your investment and keep you up and running. Sometimes it helps to have an extra set of eyes on your side doing one thing and one thing only: watching the health and performance of your machines while they work.

Here's how it works:

  1. A machine health alert is sent from the machine to the RDO Equipment Co. Machine Health Monitoring Center and the alert will be evaluated.
  2. Depending upon the type and severity of the alert, the team member monitoring the alert will reach out to the customer directly or the customer's service team to determine a solution and prevent any potential issues. 

What Else Can Connected Support Do For You? 

Move beyond tracking the health of your machines and proactively monitor and control how your machines are being used. On your connected machines, you can:

  1. Preventative maintenance monitoring: Let us notify you when your machine is due for service (JDLinkTM).
  2. Service adviser remote: We can upgrade your machine's software remotely (JDLink).
  3. Expert alerts: (JDLink).
  4. Geo-fence: Receive an alert when your equipment moves beyond an authorized area (JDLink or RDO Connect).
  5. Location: Quickly look up the current location of any machine in your fleet (JDLink or RDO Connect).
  6. Hours: Quickly look up the current hours on any of your machines (JDLink or RDO Connect).
  7. Curfews: Place a time curfew on any of your machines to prevent unauthorized use (JDLink or RDO Connect).

Connected Support Packages

RDO Connect

Connect any brand of machine in most any machine category using our secure RDO Connect website to see your machine's location, movement, hours, and other basic information. You can also set up geo-fences to send alerts when a machine has moved outside a designated area, set up time curfews to prevent unauthorized usage, and receive preventative maintenance alerts.


JDLink provides you all the same benefits of RDO Connect PLUS machine health alerts, experts alerts and extensive utilization reports. 

Fleet Management 

Have you ever wondered where all your machines are located? Have you ever wondered what is the health and maintenance status of each machine? This is where you need a team and that team is RDO Equipment Co.

Fleet Management using JDLink™ allowing you to:

  • Locate: See where each piece of equipment is currently located.
  • Monitor: See how each piece of equipment is being used and identify any usage issues.
  • Detect: See any mechanical problems as they arise and have the ability to alert the machine operator to take the appropriate action to protect your machine investment.

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