Erin Hightower 
Oregon, Washington  
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Q: What does your role as Agronomist look like at RDO Equipment Co.? 

A: First, I help align the agronomic needs, wants and concerns of the producers with the equipment and services they get from RDO Equipment Co. I implement this through educating our staff, doing field evaluations, and creating resources to communicate these agronomic impacts to the producers.  

The second part of my role is to help answer questions and concerns that products and RDO Equipment Co. Account Managers have about equipment through field trials. This includes variability of the growing 

Q: You serve as an agronomist for an equipment dealer. What is the value you provide RDO Equipment Co. customer in the role, versus a traditional agronomist at another organization?  
A: I rarely make recommendations like most agronomists when it comes to inputs application or timing. I don’t press for a particular product or implementation level. I focus on listening to the producer and then make suggestions with a more holistic view, being mindful of their boundaries in equipment, cultural, and technology adoption.  

I tell our growers that I can help get them the right item, not the “newest and greenest” item. When we, as RDO Equipment Co. agronomists, are invited to be part of the conversation, we can open up the producer’s options and provide them what may be needed long term. 


Q: How do you stay up to date on farming practices? 
A: The Certified Crop Advisor Program offers a lot of great resources, and I do my best to stay up to date with publication, podcasts, social media, and more, which offer valuable information and help us see what the “chatter” is. But hands down, the most important way I stay up to date is by connecting with our producers – what are they hearing, what are they seeing, and what are their concerns.