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The crop is in and the sun is shining. Turn your data into action as you nurture your crop to its fullest potential.

RDO Equipment Co. has the expertise to help you use your field data to make more informed decisions to maximize your yield.

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Ag Technology Podcast

Learn from the best. Hear from RDO's Precision Ag Specialists on how to get the most from your fields using the latest technology. 

John Deere Equipment Solutions

Meet Your Agronomists

RDO Equipment Co. agronomists serve as consultants, educators, trainers, and advisers. Our agronomists are located across our footprint and are experts in their region’s agricultural needs.  Get to know your local agronomist and follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest in Precision Ag topics. 



Jacob Maurer 
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota 
Follow Jacob on Twitter: @RDOJacobM 

meet jacob


Erin Hightower 
Oregon, Washington  
Follow Erin on Twitter: @RDOErinH  

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