John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill

  • Productive Seedbox capacities
  • Easy-to-read seed level indicator
  • Accurate fertilizer metering
  • Box drill acremeter


+ Proven no-till openers provide excellent penetration with rugged durability

+ Productive seedbox capacities

+ Electronic population rate control saves seed costs

+ 1590 Seed/fertilizer delivery system


Working width15 ft
Transport width15, 3 ft, in.
Transport height6, 10 ft, in.
Overall length20 (with wheels) ft
Total weight empty8460 lb
Hitch weight empty3100 lb
Hitch weight full4500 lb
Clearance8 (road-opener) in.


Plain grain52.5 bu
Grain/Fertilizer57.5 bu



Opener assembly

Number of openers24, 18
Spacing7.5/15/20 in.
Down pressureActive hydraulic 165 - 450 lb
Disk18 in. @ 7 degree angle
Gauge wheels4.5 x 16 in.
Press wheels1 x 10 in.
Closing wheels1 x 12 in.


TypeSeedStar or ComputerTrak 250, 350, 450

Tractor requirements

Hydraulic requirements1 SCV
Electrical requirements7-pin

Additional information

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