John Deere 1795 16Row Split 31 or 32 Planter

  • 40-ft. toolbar with 16 rows on 30-in. spacing
  • Can also be configured as 31-row split row in 15-in. spacing or even row of 32 rows
  • Available with optional ExactEmerge™ or MaxEmerge™ 5e row unit or standard in mini-hopper MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • 3-section frame flexes 15 degrees up & down with narrow transport of 12 ft.


+ SeedStar™ 4HP monitoring system

+ Easy Fold

+ Increase job performance when planting and spraying

+ Mobile row-unit runoff

+ Downforce system options

+ Pneumatic closing wheels

+ Vacuum automation

+ RowCommand™ individual-row control system

+ Seed variable-rate drive (VRD) with half- or three-width disconnect

+ Row cleaner options to meet residue management needs

+ Increase productivity with ExactEmerge™ trench delivery system and BrushBelt™ delivery system

+ Dual 56-V electric motors for ExactEmerge™ row-units

+ Sensors for trench delivery system on ExactEmerge™ planters

+ SeedStar™ 3 HP monitoring system

+ SeedStar™ 2 monitoring system

+ SeedStar™ XP monitoring system