John Deere 2330 Mulch Finisher

  • Working widths from 21 ft, 9 in. to 56 ft, 3 in. (6.6 to 17.2 m)
  • Excellent residue handling capabilities
  • Lattice-style frame design
  • Hydraulically adjustable rolling baskets   


+ Wide range of working widths available to match acreage and horsepower requirements

+ Level-Lift™ frame ensures even operation through all operating depths

+ Low-concavity disks are spaced for effective residue slicing

+ True 229-mm (9-in.) split-the-middle spacing provides complete field coverage

+ TruPosition™ standards deliver 91 kg (200 lb) of trip force for consistent depth and even cut

+ Variety of 254-mm (10-in.) sweeps provide solutions for all soil conditions

+ ProFinish™ Leveling System offers wide range of rear harrows to meet agronomic needs

+ TruSet™ system provides precise depth and pressure control from the cab on the go

+ Tillage documentation and prescription functionality included with TruSet™ Tillage system

+ Rear hitch compatible with all 2330 configurations and rear harrows