John Deere 2633 Three- and Five-Section Tandem Disks

  • Perfect for medium to heavy soils, seedbed prep, residue sizing/incorporation
  • Features John Deere TruSet™ Tillage Technology
  • Radial Tire Option
  • Knife-edge Rolling Basket
  • Extended-Life Bearing


+ 2630 Series includes disks for light, medium, and heavy-duty tillage

+ Different blade options for soil penetration and residue sizing

+ 230-mm (9-in.) blade spacing available for 2633 Disk

+ Easily tension disk gang bolts

+ Hydraulic fore-aft leveling enables operators to level disks from tractor cab

+ Variety of residue managing solutions available

+ Mechanical wing control increases frame levelness for five-section disks

+ Extended-life bearings improve productivity

+ Multiple enhancements made to 2630 Series Disks

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