John Deere 2660VT Variable Intensity Tillage

  • 0-12 degree adjustable gang angle
  • Exclusive Commander™ blade features double-cut edge
  • ProFinish™ leveling system with dual hydraulic rolling baskets
  • Versatility to meet tillage needs in spring or fall


+ Wide range of working widths available to match acreage and power requirements

+ Versatility to adapt to changing field conditions with a 0- to 12-degree gang angle

+ Quick and easy gang angle adjustments

+ Vertical tillage agronomic challenges

+ Four stages of soil and residue processing

+ Exclusive Commander™ blade and extended-life bearings

+ ProFinish™ system hydraulic double rolling baskets provide a smooth and level field finish

+ TruSet™ Tillage provides precise control from the cab on the go

+ Tillage documentation and prescription functionality included with TruSet™ Tillage

+ Compact transport dimensions

+ LED lights

+ Soil shield

+ Hydraulic wing down pressure

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