John Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

  • Adjust depth in six seconds on the go
  • In-cab control of each functional area
  • 1/10th-in. (2.5-mm) accuracy
  • Expanded tractor compatibility


+ Walk-Over™ tandem wheels offer maximum support, stability, and flotation

+ Variety of working and transport widths available to meet producer needs

+ Fore-aft ripper shank spacing delivers improved residue flow

+ TruSet™ provides precise depth and pressure control from the cab on the go

+ Hydraulically adjustable 660-mm (26-in.) disk blades

+ GoTill mobile application helps with implement setup and operation

+ Multifunctional implement for single-pass primary tillage

+ Achieve desired field finish with hydraulically adjustable finishing attachments

+ Maintenance-free components reduce downtime

+ Compatibility kit enables TruSet™ on competitive tractors and older John Deere tractors