John Deere 388 Rear Mount Mower-Conditioner

  • Adjust windrow width
  • Rotary disc cutterbar
  • Simple to operate platform controls


+ The 388 Mower-Conditioner can easily be moved to transport or field position

+ Flotation

+ Impeller conditioner for thorough conditioning

+ Adjust windrow width to meet drying requirements

+ Rotary disc cutterbar for cutting in tough conditions

+ Simple to operate platform controls

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Power requirements

PTO speed 1,000 rpm
HP 540 rpm PTO  
HP 1000 rpm 1-3/8 in. PTO  
HP 1000 rpm 1-3/4 in. PTO With 131 Front-Mounted Mower-Conditioner: 147 kW
190 hp
Powerline type  
Hydraulic pressure required  


Type Rotary
Cutting width With 131 Front Mounted Mower-Conditioner: 8.7 m
28.6 ft
Cutting height 3-8 cm
1.2-3.2 in.
Number of disks 8 per unit
Number of knives 16 per unit
Disk speed 2,986 rpm
Knife tip speed  
Disk drive Gear
Lubrication GL-5 gear lubricant
Oil reservoir capacity 2.25 L
0.59 U.S. gal.
Cutterbar oil check Fill plug
Cutterbar angle Adjustable
Angle adjustment Tractor center link
Angle range  
Cutterbar protection Shear shaft
Adjustable gauge shoes  


Impeller Width
264 cm
104 in. Number of V-tines
54 per unit Number of speeds
Belt and sheaves Conditioner hood

Tractor hookup

Standard hitch Tractor 3-point
Ball joint equal angle hitch  
Rockshaft swivel hitch  
Drawbar swivel hitch  


Overall width Transport
3.1 m
10.1 ft
Overall length  
Weight With impeller conditioner
2,986 kg
6,583 lb
Standard tires  


Are wrenches required for adjusting? Float

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