John Deere 420D Draper

  • Cutterbar and frame profile gives uninterrupted crop flow
  • Strong, positive-feeding reel handles all crop conditions
  • Hydraulic deck shift gives larger windrows for more efficient harvesting


+ John Deere parts and service support provide uptime for a timely harvest

+ Transport easily with integrated transport system

+ Optional reverser clears plugs effortlessly for higher productivity during tough harvest conditions

+ Cutterbar and frame profile gives uninterrupted crop flow

+ Gauge wheels provide ground following for uniform cut

+ Excellent visibility to cutterbar and belt

+ Strong, positive-feeding reel handles all crop conditions


TypeDual knife
Cut width (length)6.1 m
20 ft
Knife driveHydraulic motor to enclosed heavy-duty wobble box
Knife speed700-850 cycles/min
1,400-1,700 spm
Cutterbar tiltStandard hydraulic
Optional mechanical (7.5 to 17.0 degree lift)


Reel typePick up cam 4 position adjustable release
Number of bats6 bats standard
9 bats optional, single span, capped ends
FingersHD Plastic
Diameter1,650 mm
65 in.
Height controlHydraulic
Speed controlHydraulic with header index
Reel liftHydraulic
Reel fore and aftHydraulic
Reel resume 
Reel reverse 
Operating speeds0-85 rpm
Operating speeds (54-inch reel) 

Draper belts

WidthWide rubber skim-coated 710-ml (24-oz) drapers: 1,067 mm
41.6 in.
Cleat height 
Operating speed0-225 m/min
0-742 fpm
Speed controlHydraulic from cab

Header height sensing

Header height sensing on the groundFloat springs on traction unit
Header height sensing off the groundReturn to cut height standard
Gauge wheels optional

Auxiliary top auger



Platform length6.5 m
21.3 ft
Overall operating depthWith crop dividers 2.6 m
8.7 ft
Transport width, field position6.5 m
21.3 ft
Transport width on wheel, less dividers2.5 m
8.1 ft
Transport length, hitch extended----


Approximate weight (pickup reel)1,544 kg
3,400 lb
Approximate weight (with transport) 

Center opening / crop delivery

Center opening width between belts1,720-1,950 mm
67.1-76.7 in.
Back sheet opening 
Deck shift / double windrow capability (manual / hydraulic / not available) 

Gauge wheels and transportation

Gauge wheels 
Integrated slow speed transport system 

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