John Deere 500R Rotary Platform

  • Used with the W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrower traction units
  • 5 m (16 ft.) cutting width
  • Overshot cross auger improves windrow formation and dry down time
  • Open-face converging drum design improves convergence from edges of platform creating consistent, even windrows


+ Lightweight doors, replaceable top sheets

+ Overshot cross auger

+ Choice of conditioners

+ Rotary cutterbar components

+ Uniform windrow formation

+ Modular-design cutterbar

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CompatibilityR450, W235, W260
FormationAdjustable swath board and adjustable forming shields

Impeller conditioner

No. of V-tines
No. of speeds
Conditioner hood

Urethane conditioner rolls

Width2682 mm
106 in.
Diameter254 mm
10 in.
SurfaceIntermeshing, intermittent recessed cleats
Speed1000 rpm
Drive4V Banded Belt to gearbox & Shaft Drive to Rolls

Steel conditioner rolls

Width2692 mm
106 in.
Diameter254 mm
10 in.
SurfaceIntermeshing flutes
Speed1000 rpm
Drive4V Banded Belt to gearbox & Shaft Drive to Rolls

Rotary disk cutterbar

Number of disks10
Reservoir capacity9.5 L
12 U.S. qt
Guard angleAdjustable; 0 to 8 degree (angle)


Cutting width5 m
16, 0 ft, in.
Cutting height17 to 178 mm
0.6 to 6.7 in.
Overall width (transport)5.0 m
16, 3 ft, in.
WeightWith fluted steel conditioner
4790 lbWith urethane conditioner
4551 lbWith Tri-Lobe conditioner
4991 lb
Windrower width (depending on crop conditions)With roll conditioner
914 to 2159 mm
36 to 85 in.

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