John Deere 615P Belt Pickup Platform

  • Hydraulic adjustable windscreen maximizes control
  • Dual-belt draper pickup
  • Steel auger fingers
  • Fixed gauge wheels reduce width of platform


+ Windscreen on 615P

+ Dual draper belts on 615P

+ 615P wide belts improve feeding

+ 615P belt tensioning system

+ FieldGlide™ suspension system on 615P

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Transport widths5,438 mm
210.5 in.
Header height controlHydraulic

Pickup Belts

Width of belts1,130 mm
44.5 in.
Number of belts per pickup4 picking, 4 transfer
Total picking width4,546 mm
179 in.
Operating speed of belts3-150 m/min
10-475 fpm
Number of rollers2 picking, 2 transfer

Pickup Fingers

Number of fingers per belt84


Float range57 mm
2.25 in.
Diameter662 mm
26 in.
Auger fingersHeavy-duty, round, diameter with breakaway notch 15.9 mm
0.625 in.
Number of auger fingers19 STS, maximum 22
Auger finger patternIn-line, retracting
Finger reach152 mm
6 in.
Operating speedAt 520 feederhouse speed 180 rpm


Pressure1 bar 103.4 kPa
15 psi


Approximate shipping weight (includes shipping skids)1,520 kg
3,350 lb

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