John Deere 630F HydraFlex™ Cutting Platform

  • Epicyclic knife drive increases drive capacity
  • Raised-height skid shoe
  • Less reel, mounting, and drive parts
  • Easy adjustments reduce downtime


+ Epicyclic knife drive increases drive capacity

+ Enhanced single-point latching system is fast and easy

+ HydraFlex™ float system improves operator control

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TypeKnife system with in-line gearbox 102 mm
4 in.
Cutterbar angle10 degree (angle)
Cutterbar length9.2 m
30 ft
Flex cutterbar float range152 mm
6 in.
Tilt adjustment17 (located on feederhouse) degree (angle)
Knife sectionsHeavy-duty, over-serrated
GuardsForged steel, heat-treated
Backshaft speed490 rpm
Knife speed520 cycles/min

Platform auger

Diameter660 mm
26 in.
Operating speedSlow down 135, 152 rpm
Speedup 170 rpm


Number for slats6
Diameter1,067 mm
42 in.

Reel controls

Height controlHydraulic
Speed controlHydraulic
Operating speeds6-44 rpm


Reel motor displacement (per revolution)
Reel drive system pressure14,000 (+/- 1,000) kPa
2,000 (+/- 150) psi
Reel fore/aft stroke359 mm
14.1 in.


Cutting width9.1 m
30 ft
Gathering width9.2 m
30.1 ft
Overall width9.6 m
31.7 ft
Approximate weight2,559 kg
5,641 lb

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