John Deere 676 Rotary Harvesting Unit

  • Drum cutting
  • Row scrapers and cleaners


+ Intake fingers and gatherer drums for secure crop guidance

+ Fast-turning saw blades cut all kinds of crop

+ Lengthwise feeding for optimal chopping quality

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Rotary harvesting unit

Length2.2 m
7.2 ft
Overall width4.6 m
15.1 ft
Height1.2 m
3.7 ft
Transport height
Operating width4.6 m
14.8 ft
Transport width2.5 m
8.1 ft
Weight2,055 kg
4,530 lb

Revolution rating calculated with forage harvester at a standstill without load

Engine rpm2,330 rpm
Header drive shaft (shift rod pulled out for slow speed)390 rpm
Gathering drumLarge
21 rpmSmall
36 rpm
Cutting blades for gathering drumLarge
637 rpmSmall
1,148 rpm
Feed drums54 rpm
Cross feed drums

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