John Deere 696 Rotary Harvesting Unit

  • Small drum cutting
  • Small drum gathering
  • Advanced header-height control
  • Row scrapers and cleaners prevent crop building


+ Open design keeps the header going

+ Intake fingers and gatherer drums for secure crop guidance

+ Fast-turning saw blades cut all kinds of crop

+ Lengthwise feeding for optimal chopping quality

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Rotary harvesting unit

Length2.1 m
6.8 ft
Overall width4.6 m
14.8 ft
Height1.4 m
4.4 ft
Transport height1.5 m
4.8 ft
Operating width4.5 m
14.7 ft
Transport width3 m
9.7 ft
Weight2,259 kg
4,980 lb

Revolution rating calculated with forage harvester at a standstill without load

Engine rpm2,100 rpm
Header drive shaft (shift rod pulled out for slow speed)Slow head speed: 401 rpm
Fast head speed: 530 rpm
Gathering drumSlow head speed: 41 rpm
Fast head speed: 54 rpm
Cutting blades for gathering drumSmall
Slow head speed: 1,323 rpm
Fast head speed: 1,748 rpm
Feed drumsSlow head speed: 73 rpm
Fast head speed: 96 rpm
Cross feed drumsSlow head speed: 88 rpm
Fast head speed: 116 rpm

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