John Deere 712FC Folding Corn Head

  • Available in 12-row models in 76.2-cm (30-in row spacing)
  • StalkMaster™ and non-StalkMaster options
  • 712FC cycle fold time is less than one minute in either direction, up or down
  • Folding function controlled by the armrest display screen or hydro handle switch


+ Hydraulically adjustable deck plates

+ StalkMaster™ row-unit enables stalk chopping

+ AutoTrac™ RowSense™ solution enables hands-free corn harvest

+ Folding capability speeds transport between fields

+ Opposed stalk roll options for premium stalk processing

+ Intermeshing stalk roll options for premium stalk processing

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Corn Head

Gatherer pointsFour-position, low-profile floating type hinged above gatherer chains
Center and outer gatherersHinged, quickly removable
Gatherer chainsHeavy-Duty 620, endless steel-roller chain with chromed pins (no master connecting link)
Minimum clearance between gatherer chains and ground32 mm
1.25 in.
Row unit driveEnclosed submerged in lubricant gear box, driven by single input hexagon shaft
Gatherer chain adjustmentSpring loaded, self adjusting
Stalk rollsOpposed knife, intermeshing knife, (two per row unit)
Deck plate adjustmentHydraulic adjusted
Slip clutchOne per row unit plus auger drive
Trash knivesFull-length one-piece heat-treated steel


Approximate overall widthPoints in operating position (lowered)
3 m
10 ftPoints folded up (service position)
2.7 m
9 ft
Rigid: 9.27 m
30.4 ft, in.
Folded: 5.31 m
17.4 ft
Approximate shipping weight (includes shipping skid)non Chopping: 4,078 kg
8,990 lb
StalkMaster™: 4,305 kg
9,490 lb
Row spacings762 mm
30 in.
Standard weight

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