John Deere 8400R Wheel Tractor

  • 400 Engine hp
  • John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0L PSS
  • e23™ PowerShift Transmission
  • MFWD, or Independent Link Suspension (ILS™)


+ Independent-Link Suspension (ILS™) utilizes industry-leading technology

+ Tire options for 8R Series Tractors

+ Take advantage of the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display, designed for efficiency

+ Rear power take-off (PTO) options

+ Hydraulic pump options to meet varying flow requirements

+ Lighting packages provide 360 degrees of coverage for maximum productivity

+ ActiveSeat™ seat utilizes electrohydraulic technology with air suspension

+ Standard CommandView™ III cab offers unsurpassed amenities

+ ActiveCommand steering (ACS™) provides a robust and full-encompassing steering system

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