John Deere 956 Mower-Conditioner

  • Modular-design cutterbar
  • Steel roll conditioners
  • Adjustable roll pressure
  • Hydraulic tongue positioning


+ Steel roll conditioners

+ Modular-design cutterbar

+ Windrow formation

+ Excellent maneuverability

+ Urethane roll conditioner

+ Rotary disk cutterbar

+ Impeller conditioner

Power requirements

PTO speed1,000 rpm
HP 540 rpm PTO 
HP 1000 rpm 1-3/8 in. PTO75-112 kW
100-150 hp
HP 1000 rpm 1-3/4 in. PTO86-134 kW
115-180 hp
Powerline typeGrob Spline
Hydraulic pressure required17,237 kPa
2,500 psi


TypeJohn Deere
Cutting width4.5 m
14.5 ft
Cutting height1.6-11.8 cm
0.63-4.6 in.
Number of disks9
Number of knives18
Disk speed2,650 rpm
Knife tip speed307 km/h
191 mph
Disk driveGear
LubricationHy-Gard Oil
Oil reservoir capacity10.4 L
11 U.S. qt
Cutterbar oil checkCombination sight glass, drain plug
Cutterbar angleAdjustable
Angle adjustmentMechanical standard
Hydraulic optional
Angle range2-8 degree (angle)
Cutterbar protectionShearhub
Adjustable gauge shoes2 standard


268 cm
106 in. Diameter
59.4 cm
23.4 in. Number of V-tines
72Number of speeds
Gear Conditioner hood
Adjustable, single lever
269 cm
106 in. Diameter
25.4 cm
10 in. Type of material
Urethane/steel Design
Recessed cleat (Urethane)
Intermeshing flutes (V-10 and Tri-Lobe)Speed
800 rpm Drive

Tractor hookup

Standard hitch 
Ball joint equal angle hitch 
Rockshaft swivel hitchStandard
Drawbar swivel hitchOptional


Overall widthTransport
4.5 m
14.7 ft With optional trailer
2.9 m
9.7 ft
Overall lengthConventional transport
8.2 m
26.9 ft With optional trailer
9.4 m
30.8 ft
WeightWith urethane roll conditioner
3,161 kg
6,969 lb With V-10 steel roll conditioner
3,270 kg
7,209 lb With tri-lobe steel roll conditioner
3,325 kg
7,330 lb With impeller conditioner
3,055 kg
6,785 lb
Standard tires31x13.5-15, 8PR


Are wrenches required for adjusting?Float
noRoll spacing

Additional information

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