John Deere 972 Flail Chopper

  • The 972 Flail Chopper has a cutting width of 6 ft for good productivity
  • Adjustable discharge spout
  • Gauge wheels are very easy to change
  • Tractor hookup is fast and easy


+ Cutting width of 1.8 m (6 ft) for good productivity

+ Double-edged rotor knives can be reversed to increase life

+ Discharge spout can be adjusted from the tractor seat

+ Auger and cutterhead provides better delivery of material

+ Drivetrain with slip clutch protects the drive system of the chopper

+ Gauge wheels are very easy to change

+ Welded mainframe is 40 percent thicker and offers higher structural resistance

+ Tractor hookup is fast and easy

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Cutting width183 cm
72 in.
Cutting height6.4-15.2 cm
2.5-6 in.
Operating width312 cm
123 in.
Transport width287 cm
113 in.
Length366 cm
144 in.
Height (with spout)312 cm
123 in.
Weight849 kg
1,872 lb
Number of knivesRotor
42 (double edge)Cuttherhead
3 regular
3 optional
PTO speed540 rpm
Rotor speed1,400 rpm
Cutterhead speed800 rpm
Auger speed246 rpm
Tires15-5.90, 4 PR
Drive system protectionSlip clutch protected
Hitch adjustmentYes, from tractor seat
Wagon hitchesEgual angle optional

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