John Deere CM11 Series Cotton Module Handler

  • Bellows protect the shafts
  • Mast conversion kit


+ Bellows protect the shafts

Overall height

Base unit128 cm
50.38 in.
Base unit with mast238.8 cm
94 in.

Overall width

Base unit (arms closed)183.8 cm
72.38 in.
Base unit (arms open)315.9 cm
124.38 in.
Base unit with mast (arms closed)199.1 cm
78.4 in.
Base unit with mast (open)315.9 cm
124.38 in.

Overall length

Base unit274.8 cm
108.18 in.
Base unit with mast316.2 cm
124.48 in.


Base unit977 kg
2154 lb
Base with mast1,750.9 kg
3,860 lb

Lift height

Base unit61 cm
24 in.
Base unit with mast182.9 cm
72 in.

Arm opening clearance

Base unit (closed)207.5 cm
81.68 in.
Base unit with mast (closed)75.4 cm
29.68 in.
Base unit (open)207.5 cm
81.68 in.
Base unit with mast (open)75.4 cm
29.68 in.

Tire requirements

170 Load index (LI) and aboveDual
150 Load index (LI) and above
150 Load index (LI) and aboveDual
125 Load index (LI) and above


Category (quick-coupler required)Category 3 or 4N
Cat 3, quick-coupler compatibleYes
Cat 4N, quick-coupler compatibleYes

Set-up time

Base unit, labor hours0.25
Base unit with mast, labor hours0.5


Time period1 year

Additional information

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