John Deere CX20 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

  • Four larger, more durable gearboxes
  • Self-leveling drawbar clevis
  • Continuous and greaseable wing-frame hinges
  • Front and rear safety chains


+ Which rotary cutter is right?

+ CX15 and CX20 product values

+ CX20 equipped with three deck rings

+ Gearcases and blade holders provide better performance

+ Flex-wing constant-velocity (CV) driveline is easy to attach

+ Four larger, more durable gearcases

+ CX ground-control suspension

+ Continuous and greaseable wing-frame hinges

+ Tight turns can be performed

+ Transport lock offers a safe wing-up position

+ Hydraulic height leveling system makes cutter leveling easy and safe

+ Five-year limited gearbox warranty provided on every John Deere rotary cutter


Cutting width6,096 mm
240 in.
Cutting heightFor clearance over terraces 25-406 mm
1-16 in.
Cutting capacity (diameter)101.6 mm
4 in.
Cutting chamber depth267 mm
10.5 in.

Tractor compatibility

Tractor PTO HP range55.92 kW
75 hp
Tractor PTO1,000 rpm
Static Vert Drawbar Load Rating1,200 kg
2,640 lb


TypePull-Type with ball-type self-leveling hitch clevis for easy hookup (Pull-Type has standard 10,000 lb (4,536 kg) Safety Tow Chain)
Hitch widthFor tight turn capability 570 mm
22.5 in.
JackstandStays vertical while raising or lowering


Transport widthAt wing wheels 3,400 mm
134 in.
Overall width6,250 mm
246 in.
Overall length5,760 mm
227 in.
Deck shapeEasy clean dome-shaped top deck
Deck typeDouble-decker for superior strength
Deck thicknessUpper
3.5 (10) mm
.138 (10) in. Lower
3.5 (10) mm
.138 (10) in.
Shirt thickness6 mm
.25 in.
HingesIntermittent cast steel segments - greaseable; single 1-in. (2.5-cm) diameter full-length hinge pin
Approx. weight3,350 kg
7,350 lb


CV ASAE Category 5 splined telescoping profiles Connecting
ASAE Category 5 splined telescoping profiles
No-seize, slip-clutch driveline Connecting
No-seize, slip-clutch driveline


HP ratingTransfer
186 continuous / 224 peak kW
250 continuous / 300 peak hpCenter
112 continuous / 161 peak kW
150 continuous / 216 peak hpOuter
112 continuous / 161 peak kW
150 continuous / 216 peak hp


Thickness13 mm
.5 in.
Width102 mm
4 in.
TypeSuction or dual
Overlap152 mm
6 in.
Blade rotationCW, CCW, CCW
Blade tip speed1000 RPM
Wing 4,988 (299 km/h) m/min
16,364 (186 mph) fpm
Center 4,974 (298 km/h) m/min
16,319 (185 mph) fpm
Material flow systemSmooth, obstruction free Max Flow cutting chamber for a clean cut and no windrows
Blade holderType
Bar or stump jumper with standard deck rings


Wing liftStandard, includes spring assist unfolding
Wing flex90 up, 22 down degree (angle)


TypeOption 2
5-bolt 26x9x14.5 'Fat Boy' Severe-Duty Ag Tires
SuspensionAir cushion with shock absorbers on all 4 wheels standard
Row width adjustmentYes
Wing-leveling adjustmentEasy adjust turnbuckle with bearing




Gearboxes5 years

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