John Deere DC10 Series Disc Mower Caddy

  • Adjustable height clevis hitch
  • Hydraulic lift 3-point hitch
  • Ribbed tires for smooth ride


+ Improved stability with standard John Deere weights

+ Ribbed tires for a smooth ride

+ Adjustable height clevis hitch is standard

+ Hydraulic lift 3-point hitch makes raising and lowering a simple task


Transport height1.1 m
3.6 ft
Transport width2.1 m
6.9 ft
Transport length3.6 m
11.67 ft
Transport clearance0.26 m
10.5 in.
Maximum compatible disc mower cutting width3.1 m
10.17 ft, in.


Base machine719 kg
1,580 lb
Fully ballasted machine916 kg
2,020 lb
Maximum compatible disc mower645 kg
1,421 lb
Shipping818 kg
1,803 lb

Tractor compatibility

Minimum horsepower11.2 kW
15 hp
PTO speed540 rpm
PTO typeEqual angle Category 4


Front hitch typeDrawn
Rear hitch typeIntegral - Category 2


TypeTubular: 10x15 cm
4x6 in.


Internal ballastingStandard
External ballastingUp to 10 suitcase weights


Hubs6 - Bolt
TypeRibbed implement
Size11L x 15SL

Lighting and safety

Transport lights
Safety chainStandard
Safety guardsStandard
Jack typeScrew-adjustment

Set-up time

Labor hours3 hours


Time period1 year

Additional information

Date collected

Key Specs

Front hitch type
Maximum compatible disc mower cutting width
Minimum horsepower
Rear hitch type
Transport clearance
Transport length
Transport width