John Deere FP22 Series Food Plot Seeders

  • Adjust dispersion angle of seed scatter plates
  • Disk angle adjustment
  • Multiple S-tine attachments provide superb tilling results
  • Electric Versa Seeder allows planting multiple seed sizes


+ Disk angle adjustment and notched disks for optimal penetration

+ Versa Seeder allows planting of multiple seed sizes

+ Dual-use cultipacker improves seed germination

+ Multiple S-tine attachments provide superb tilling results

+ Pneumatic tires for transporting pull-type food plot seeder

+ Set the angle of dispersion with adjustable scatter plates


Working width106.7 cm
42 in.
Unit length157.5 cm
62 in.
Unit height109.2 cm
43 in.
Cultipacker drag width (standard)114.3 cm
45 in.
CultiPacker roller width (optional)121.9 cm
48 in.
Seeding width114.3 cm
45 in.


Implement249.4 kg
550 lb

Tractor compatibility

Horsepower range 3-point type14.9-37.3 kW
20-50 hp
Horsepower range pull-type


Diameter35.5 cm
14 in.
Thickness3 mm
0.118 in.
Spacing21 cm
8.25 in.


HangerFormed plate with reinforcement: 10 mm
0.375 in.
Two each u-bolts per hanger: 16 mm
0.625 in.
TypeSquare sealed: 25 mm
1 in.


AxleSquare: 25 mm
1 in.
AdjustmentFixed Angle

Seed box

Capacity20.4 kg
45 lb


3-point typeCategory 1
iMatch&8482; compatibleYes
Pull-type configuration

Ground management system

S-Tines (quantity)
Reversible chisel point quantity, 1.75 in. (22.86 cm)
Sweep quantity, 9 in. (22.86 cm)
Turning point quantity

Lighting and marking

Transport lights
MarkingsSMV and Reflectors

Set-up time

Labor hours0.5


Time period1 year

Additional information

Date collected