John Deere HX20 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

  • Superior four-gearcase design
  • Gearcases and blade holders for better performance
  • Domed shape and smooth top deck is easy to clean
  • Safety tow chains for extra support


+ Which rotary cutter is right?

+ Hydraulic height leveling system makes cutter leveling easy and safe

+ Four larger, more durable gearcases

+ Transport lock offers a safe wing-up position

+ Tight turns can be performed

+ Continuous and greaseable wing-frame hinges

+ Flex-wing constant-velocity (CV) driveline is easy to attach

+ Gearcases and blade holders provide better performance

+ Heavy-duty axle with spring suspension

+ Five-year limited gearbox warranty provided on every John Deere rotary cutter


Cutting width6,096 mm
240 in.
Cutting heightFor clearance over terraces 25 to 406 mm
1 to 16 in.
Cutting capacity (diameter)76.2 mm
3 in.
Cutting chamber depth267 mm
10.5 in.

Tractor compatibility

Tractor PTO HP range56 kW
75 hp
Tractor PTO540 or 1,000 rpm
Static Vert Drawbar Load Rating1,165 kg
2,560 lb


TypePull-type, with standard self-leveling hitch clevis (Pull-Type has standard 10,000 lb, 4,536 kg, Safety Tow Chain)
Hitch widthFor tight turn capability 570 mm
22.5 in.
JackstandStays vertical while raising/lowering


Transport width3,400 mm
134 in.
Overall width6,250 mm
246 in.
Overall length5,760 mm
227 in.
Deck shapeEasy-clean, dome-shaped top deck
Deck typeDouble-decker design for superior strength
Deck thicknessUpper
3 (11) mm
.118 (11) in. Lower
3.5 (10) mm
.138 (10) in.
Shirt thickness6 mm
.25 in.
HingesIntermittent cast steel segments - greaseable; single 1-in. (2.5-cm) diameter full-length hinge pin
Approx. weight3,050 kg
6,710 lb


CV ASAE Category 5 splined telescoping profiles Connecting
ASAE Category 4 splined telescoping profiles
No-seize, slip-clutch driveline Connecting
No-seize, slip-clutch driveline


HP ratingTransfer
186 continuous / 224 peak kW
250 continuous / 300 peak hp Center
112 continuous / 153 peak kW
150 continuous / 205 peak hp Outer
112 continuous / 153 peak kW
150 continuous / 205 peak hp


Thickness13 mm
.5 in.
Width102 mm
4 in.
TypeSuction, dual suction
Overlap152 mm
6 in.
Blade rotationCW, CCW, CCW
Blade tip speed540 RPM
Wing 4,903 (295 km/h) m/min
16,087 (183 mph) fpm
Center 4,914 (295 km/h) m/min
16,122 (183 mph) fpm 1000 RPM
Wing 4,988 (299 km/h) m/min
16,364 (186 mph) fpm
Center 4,974 (298 km/h) m/min
16,319 (185 mph) fpm
Material flow systemSmooth, obstruction-free Max Flow cutting chamber for a clean cut and no windrows
Blade holderType
Bar or stump jumper for protection of blades and carrier against obstruction damage


Wing liftStandard, includes spring-assist unfolding
Wing flex90 up, 22 down degree (angle)


TypeOption 2
4-bolt 21x7x12 16 PR Severe-Duty Ag Tires
SuspensionSpring suspension on all 4 wheels standard
Row width adjustmentYes
Wing-leveling adjustmentEasy-adjust turnbuckle with bearing




Gearboxes5 years

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