John Deere L331 Large Square Baler

  • 2.2m MegaWide™ pickup for better shaped bales and improved crop pickup in wide, windblown, or scattered windrows.
  • Designed by John Deere specifically for the application, the moisture sensor is the industry’s most accurate across the full range of moisture levels.
  • BalerAssist™ drivetrain system option allows you to hydraulically back out plugs with a remote.
  • With the Bale Mobile App, get real-time yield mapping, bale documentation, geo-tagging for retrieval and bale monitoring.


+ Weighing system

+ BalerAssist

+ Knotter trip system

+ Baler monitor system is International Standard Organization Bus (ISOBUS) compatible

+ Moisture sensor

+ Preservative applicator

+ Wear parts box

+ Premium MegaWide™ pickup

+ Double-tie knotter system provides reliable knotting in high density and the most difficult baling conditions

+ MegaWide™ pickup with MegaTough™ pickup teeth provide added durability

Bale dimensions

Bale90x90 cm
3x3 ft
Width80 cm
32 in.
Height90 cm
35 in.
Length60 up to 300 cm
24 up to 118 in.


Intake width220 cm
86 in.
Pickup diameter25.6 cm
10 in.
Number of tine bars 4-5Four
Tine spacing6.6 cm
2.6 in.

Bale chamber

Number of plunger strokes45 spm
Plunger stroke69.5 cm
27 in.
Density controlThree hydraulic cylinders
Bale chamber length305 cm
120 in.
ControlISOBUS - GreenStar? (GS) 2 1800 or GS3 2630

Knotting system

Number of knottersFour
Twine capacity (rolls)30

Intake system

High-capacity rotorYes
Knives11, 7, or 6
Cutting length44 mm
1.7 in.
or 88 mm
3.5 in.
Knife protectionIndividual spring
Slide out floorYes

Wheels and axles

Single axle600/50/22.5 or 710/40R/22.5
Tandem axle steered (optional)500/55/20 or 550/45/22.5
Brakes systemOptional hydraulic

Machine dimensions

Length7.8 m
25.6 ft
Width2.76 m
9.1 ft
Height2.7 m
8.9 ft
Weight7,700 kg
16,975 lb
Minimum tractor requirement87 kW
115 PTO hp

Additional information

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