John Deere L341 Large Square Baler

  • 2.2m MegaWide™ pickup for better shaped bales and improved crop pickup in wide, windblown, or scattered windrows.
  • Optional 2.5m Premium MegaWide™ pickup, tooth-to-tooth, is the widest in the industry.
  • Designed by John Deere, the moisture sensor is the industry’s most accurate across the full range of moisture levels.
  • BalerAssist™ drivetrain system option allows you to hydraulically back out plugs with a remote.
  • With the Bale Mobile App, get real-time yield mapping, bale documentation, geo-tagging for retrieval and bale monitoring.


+ MegaWide™ pickup with MegaTough™ pickup teeth provide added durability

+ Baler monitor system is International Standard Organization Bus (ISOBUS) compatible

+ Wear parts box

+ Weighing system

+ Preservative applicator

+ Premium MegaWide™ pickup

+ BalerAssist

+ Double-tie knotter system provides reliable knotting in high density and the most difficult baling conditions

+ Knotter trip system

+ Moisture sensor

Bale dimensions

Bale90x120 cm
3x4 ft
Width120 cm
46.5 in.
Height90 cm
35 in.
Length60 up to 300 cm
24 up to 118 in.


Intake widthStandard: 220 cm
86 in.
Optional: 250 cm
97 in.
Pickup diameter25.6 cm
10 in.
Number of tine bars 4-5Four
Tine spacing6.6 cm
2.6 in.

Bale chamber

Number of plunger strokes45 spm
Plunger stroke69.5 cm
27 in.
Density controlFour hydraulic cylinders
Bale chamber length305 cm
120 in.
Control600/50/22.5 or 710/40R/22.5

Knotting system

Number of knottersSix
Twine capacity (rolls)30

Intake system

High-capacity rotorYes
Knives21, 11, or 10
Cutting length44 mm
1.7 in.
or 88 mm
3.5 in.
Knife protectionIndividual spring
Slide out floorYes

Wheels and axles

Single axle600/50/22.5 or 710/40R/22.5
Tandem axle steered (optional)500/55/20 or 550/45/22.5
Brakes systemOptional hydraulic

Machine dimensions

Length8.0 m
26.25 ft
Width3.0 m
9.8 ft
Height2.75 m
9 ft
Weight9,210 kg
20,370 lb
Minimum tractor requirement108 kW
145 PTO hp

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