John Deere R280 Disc Mower

  • Easy-to-attach 3-point hitch tractor hookup
  • Transport lift system
  • High-clearance frame and suspension
  • Disc quill easy to remove for serviceability


+ Heavy-duty cutterbar for the toughest cutting conditions

+ Heavy-duty driveline with overrunning clutch

+ Onboard storage compartment

+ Easy-to-attach 3-point hitch tractor hookup

+ Lift and suspension system

+ Rearward swinging hydraulic cylinder

+ Easy-to-remove disc quill

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Number of disksSeven
Number of knives14
Width of cut2.8 m
9.17 ft
Transport width
Weight669 kg
1475 lb
Disk speed2986 rpm
Cutting speed
Cutting arc+35 to -25 degree (angle)
Lift systemHydraulic
Tractor horsepower requirement37 kW
50 hp
PTO speed540 rpm
Sickle speed
Knife drive
PTO drive

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