John Deere R4023 Sprayer

  • Premium or standard cab for total comfort
  • All-new sound suppression enhancements
  • Compact size perfect for smaller fields
  • New efficient 4.5L Tier IV engine


+ Wide or narrow axle available to fit a variety of cropping row widths

+ Air bag/shock suspended axle provides a comfortable ride even in rough conditions

+ Huck®-bolted C-channel frame lays the foundation for a smooth ride

+ Soft Shock option for rough or uneven terrain applications

+ Redesigned CommandARM™ console and multifunction handle improves operator experience

+ Optimal weight distribution means operator can get into field earlier

+ Provides 129-kW (173-hp) turbocharged PowerTech™ PSS 4.5L Tier 4 diesel engine

+ Enhance management skills with JDLink™ Connect system

+ Monitor sprayer performance in the cab

+ Boom structure built with high-strength square tube

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Peak rated power129 kW
173 hp
EmissionsFinal Tier 4
Number of cylinders4
Displacement4.5 L
276 cu in.
Fuel tank capacity310 L
82 gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity17 L
4.5 gal.

Solution system

Capacity2300 L
600 gal.
Tank materialPolyethylene
Rinse tank capacity265 L
70 gal.
Quick fill size5.1 cm
2 in.
Rate control make
Automatic section controlJohn Deere Section Control (optional)
Solution system controlManual
Fill locationSide fill
Chemical injection method
Chemical eductorStainless steel
Chemical eductor capacity (size)20 L
5.5 gal.
Flow meter size5.1 cm
2 in.
Suction strainer16 mesh
Pressure strainer50 mesh
Boom strainer80 mesh


Boom length options18 or 24 m
60 or 80 ft
Automatic boom heightBoomTrac Pro - 3 sensor (optional)
Plumbing materialPolypropylene
Ground height adjustment38 to 193 cm
15 to 76 in.
Breakaway width1.83 m
6 ft
Boom sectionsFive


TypeHydrostatic tandem Saur pumps
Pump size is tandem - 75 cc
4.58 cu in.
DriveFull-time four-wheel drive (4WD)
ShiftingElectrohydraulic (on the go)
Hydraulic reservoir capacity61 L
16 gal.
Spray speed range0 to 32 km/h
0 to 20 mph
Transport speed, maximum43 km/h
27 mph


Dry compatibleNo
SuspensionAir bar/shock suspended
Crop clearance with standard tiresNarrow - 112 cm
44 in.
Wide - 127 cm
50 in.
Front tiresIF320/80R42, 380/R80R38, IF380/80R38, or 420/85R34
Rear tiresIF320/80R42, 380/R80R38, IF380/80R38, or 420/85R35
Flotation tires
Hydraulic tread adjustManual standard
Hydraulic optional (wide only)
Wheel tread spacingNarrow - 183 to 224 cm
72 to 88 in.
Wide - 229 to 305 cm
90 to 120 in.
Wheel base373 cm
147 in.
Turning radius4.9 m
16 ft
Parking brakeHydraulic release
Primary brakesHydrostatic
Ladder raise/lowerHydraulic
Total weight with 80-ft boom8,240 kg
18,165 lb
Total weight with 90-ft boom
Total weight with 100-ft boom
Total weight with 120-ft boom
Total weight with carbon fiber boom


Air compressorStandard
Foam marker capacityDirect injection optional
Remote service tools

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Date collected26-May-2017