John Deere R4030 Sprayer

  • 800 gal (3000 L)
  • Direct injection product mixing option
  • Dry spinner compatibility increases versatility


+ CommandView™ III cab offers unsurpassed amenities

+ 36.6-m (120-ft) boom with swing-link suspension eliminates additional passes through the field

+ Faster spray and transport speed allow operators to get to the field sooner

+ Plumbing efficiencies lead to increased application rates, additional versatility as well as faster loading times

+ Smooth, stable ride enables operator comfort and better maneuverability

+ Dry spinner spreader compatibility increases versatility by allowing the conversion of a machine with a wet solution system into a dry nutrient applicator with a 5.6-m3 (200-cu ft) carrying capacity

+ Solution Command System (SCS) allows for automation at the fill station

+ Direct injection allows operators to manage their chemical risks

+ Get the most out of every drop with ExactApply™ system

+ Monitor sprayer performance in the cab

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Peak rated power209 kW
280 hp
EmissionsFinal Tier 4
Number of cylinders6
Displacement6.8 L
415 cu in.
Alternator200 amp
Fuel tank capacity492.1 L
130 gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity29.5 L
7.8 gal.

Solution system

Capacity3028 L
800 gal.
Tank materialStainless steel or polyethylene
Rinse tank capacity454.2 L
120 gal.
Quick fill size7.6 cm
3 in.
Rate control make
Automatic section controlJohn Deere Section Control (optional)
Solution system controlAutomatic (optional) or manual
Fill locationSide fill, front fill (optional)
Chemical injection methodDual-pump direct injection
Optional - up to 511 L
135 U.S. gal.
Chemical eductorStainless steel (optional)
Chemical eductor capacity (size)32 L
8.5 gal.
Flow meter size5.1 cm
2 in.
Suction strainer20 mesh
Pressure strainer50 mesh
Boom strainer80 mesh


Boom length options18.3/27.4, 18.3/30.5, or 22/36.5 m
60/90, 60/100, or 72/120 ft
Automatic boom heightBoomTrac Pro - 5 sensor (optional)
Plumbing materialStainless steel (polyethylene optional)
Ground height adjustment50 to 245 cm
19.6 to 96.5 in.
Breakaway widthStainless-steel boom - 3.3 m
10.8 ft
Carbon fiber boom - 3.7 m
12.1 ft
Boom sections13 sections with boom length - 40 m
132 ft
11 sections with boom length - 36.58 m
120 ft
9 sections with boom length - 30.48 m
100 ft
7 sections with boom length - 27.43 m
90 ft


DriveFull-time four-wheel drive (4WD)
Hydraulic reservoir capacity98 L
26 gal.
Spray speed range0 to 32.2 km/h
0 to 20 mph
Transport speed, maximum48.3 km/h
30 mph


Dry compatibleYes - 5.7 m3
200 cu ft
SuspensionDual-strut independent wheel air-ride suspension
Crop clearance with standard tires152 cm
60 in.
Front tires320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46
Rear tires320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46
Flotation tires520/85R38 or 620/70R38 (field installed only)
Hydraulic tread adjustStandard
Wheel tread spacing305 to 406 cm
120 to 160 in.
Wheel base430 cm
169.3 in.
Turning radius8.7 m
28.5 ft
Parking brakeSpring-engaged, hydraulic-disengaged wet-disk pack
Primary brakesHydrostatic
Ladder raise/lowerAutomatic
Total weight with 80-ft boom
Total weight with 90-ft boom13,550 kg
29,810 lb
Total weight with 100-ft boom13,630 kg
29,986 lb
Total weight with 120-ft boom13,890 kg
30,558 lb
Total weight with carbon fiber boom36.6-m (120-ft) boom - 12,684 kg
27,963 lb
40.2-m (132-ft) boom - 12,739 kg
28,084 lb


Air compressorOnboard air (standard)
Foam marker capacityAir injection foamer - 5.7 L
1.5 gal.
Remote service tools

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Date collected26-May-2017