John Deere SS12P Series Pendular Spreaders

  • Field installed agitator kit available
  • Spreader spout provides precision spreading
  • Drive system has anti-wear, cast-steel gearbox
  • Rubber insert conversion kit keeps discharge from clogging


+ Hopper made of anti-shock, reinforced fiberglass

+ Spreader spout provides precision spreading

+ Category 1 power take-off (PTO) driveline

+ Field-installed agitator kits for broadcast and pendular spreaders

+ Spout, deflector shields, and discharge kits for broadcast and pendular spreaders

+ Filter grate prevents damage to pendular spreaders

+ Hydraulic gate control kit for SS10P, SS11P, and SS12P Series Pendular Spreaders

+ Rubber insert for discharge on pendular spreaders


Hopper width
Hopper loading height119.4 cm
47 in.


Hopper capacity1000.2 kg
2205 lb
Machine155.6 kg
343 lb
Shipping (per pair)195 kg
430 lb


Volume capacity1.2 m3
42.4 cu ft
MaterialReinforced fiberglass


rpm540 rpm
Tractor hp range14.9-44.7 kW
20-60 hp
Shaft category


Swath spread5.2-14.3 m
17-47 ft


Type3-pt, Cat. 1, Cat. 2
iMatchTM compatible

Set-up time

Labor hours0.5 hours


Time periodOne year

Additional information

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