John Deere TM51 Series Tandem Disk Harrows

  • Dual wheels provide consistent disking depth
  • Hydraulic wing control
  • Two-blade taper creates level soil surface
  • Transport locks provide secure transport


+ Overlapping front gangs eliminate need for middle breaker

+ Hydraulic wing control

+ Oil-bath disk gang bearings provide extended wear life

+ Standard pintle hitch ensures a solid pull of disk

+ Two separate control arms create consistent performance

+ Two-blade taper creates level soil surface

+ End washers and wrenches keep gang shaft end nut tight

+ Transport locks provide secure transport

+ Dual wheels provide consistent disking depth

+ Transport width


Width4.2 m
13.67 ft, in.
Ground clearance with base blades20.3 cm
8 in.
Wheel hub bearingsDual Tapered Roller Bearings
Height4 m
13.2 ft
Length8.5 m
28 ft


Approximate working width7.2 m
23.5 ft, in.
Maximum penetration22.9 cm
9 in.


Net7842.6 kg
17290 lb
Weight per disk blade145.1 kg
320 lb

Tractor requirements

Recommended PTO hp range
Recommended drawbar hp range164.1+ kW
220+ hp


TypeTandem double offset
DutyGeneral Purpose
Tube size15.2x10.2x0.95 cm
6x4x0.375 in.


Front hitch typeSpade
Bolt-on rear hitch

Disk blades

Spacing26.7 cm
10.5 in.
TypeNotched (front) Notched (rear)
StandardSmooth (front) Smooth (rear)
OptionalNotched (front) Smooth (rear)
Blade concavityStandard: high
Optional: low

Available blade sizes

Blade option one660x7.9 mm
26x0.312 in.
Blade option two711x7.9 mm
28x0.312 in.
Blade option three
Blade option four
Blade option five
Blade option six

Disk gangs

Front angle3 Positions
Rear angle3 Positions
Furrow fillers
Axle size4.1 cm
1.625 in.
or 5.4 cm
2.125 in.
Axle materialRound heat treated alloy steel, threaded on both ends
Bearing typeOil bath tapered roller
Bearing wear platesStandard
Bearing standardsWelded, reinforced

Lighting and safety

Safety tow chainYes


TypeEight implement
Size11L x 15 in. 8 ply
Wheel hub type8 Bolt

Set-up time

Labor hours4 - 6 for two people


Time period1 year

Additional information

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