SEKO Livestock Feed Mixers Now Available

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SEKO Livestock Feed Mixers

There is a not so new feed mixer available to you now. With forty-five years of making quality mixers, SEKO Unifeed Division has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of TMR mixers and automatic systems for livestock feeding. Their growth is a result of their innovative design, durability, flexible designs and exceptional mixing quality that customers seek.  

Now available at RDO Equipment Co.
SEKO is partnering with RDO Equipment Co. to re-enter the North American market. RDO Equipment Co. will serve as both a dealer and distributor of the SEKO brand. Larger and smaller sizes available in both the horizontal and vertical configurations and products in self propelled and stationary versions. We can order these machines to your liking, allowing for customization to optimize the machine for your operation. There is a machine to meet every operation’s needs. 


Products Availabile

Vertical Mixers

The most complete range of chopping-mixing wagons in the world offering extreme dependability and high performance. Choose from several different discharge configurations from the trailed wagons.


  • Tiger 140 (single axle, 2 auger, 540rpm) 
  • Tiger 200 (Tandem axle, 2 auger, 900x1600 conveyer, 540rpm) 
  • Tiger 240 (Tandem axle, 2 auger, 900x1600 conveyer, 540rpm) 
  • Tiger 300 (Tandem axle, 2 auger, 1000rpm) 
  • Tiger 450 (Triple axle, 3 auger, 1000rpm) 

Horizontal Mixers

Simplify your work with the SEKO Samurai chopping-mixing wagons. These horizontal mixers are characterized by the “Double Mix” chopping and mixing system to give you the results you expect for your livestock. 

Samurai 7 

  • SAM7 600/180  (single axle, 540rpm) 
  • SAM7 600/230 (single axle, 540rpm) 
  • SAM7 700/330 (single axle, 1000rpm) 

More models and options available including: 

  • Self-loading tillers 
  • Hardox 450 steel lining 
    • Hardox, also called wear-plate, is a quenched and tempered steel for wear-resistant and heavy-duty use. 
  • Conveyor belts 
  • And much, much more 

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