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Agriculture Equipment Events in the Northwest

Your partner in the field and in the classroom. Join our equipment experts to gain valuable insight into your equipment.

Upcoming Clinics

Learn about the latest best practices when taking care of your sprayers, combines & while working in John Deere Operations Center!

    John Deere Operations Center Clinics

    In-depth view of John Deere’s data & fleet management tool. Classes are from 1-3 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 


    January 26 – Moses Lake, WA  (Registration Closed)

    February 2 – Pendleton, OR (9-11 a.m.) (Registration Closed)

    February 15 – Ritzville, WA (Cancelled)

    February 22 – Coulee City, WA (Registration Closed)

    March 13 – Sunnyside, WA (Registration Closed)

    Topics Include:

    Machine Maintenance
    File Creator Setup

    Machine Analyzer


    Self-Propelled Sprayers Clinics

    Ensure your sprayer is running at peak performance. Classes are from 1-4 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

    This clinic fulfills Oregon & Washington pesticide credit requirements.


    January 19 – Othello, WA (9 a.m.-noon) (Registration Closed)

    January 29 – Hermiston, OR (Registration Closed)

    January 30 – Wasco, OR (Registration Closed)

    February 8 – Pasco, WA (Registration Closed)

    February 13 – Sunnyside, WA (Registration Closed)

    February 16 – Pendleton, OR (9 a.m.-noon) (Registration Closed)

    Topics Include:

    Nozzle Selection
    Rinsing Tips & Tricks
    Bringing Your Sprayer Out of Storage
    John Deere ExactApply™
    See & Spray
    John Deere Operations Center

    Combine Clinics

    Up your harvest game before the seed is in the ground.  Classes are from 9 a.m. to noon.


    January 30 – Wasco, OR (Registration Closed)

    February 20 – Othello, WA (Registration Closed)

    May 9 – Moses Lake, WA (Registration Closed)

    Topics Include:

    Service & Maintenance
    Settings & Adjustments
    Pre-harvest Checklist
    Tips & Tricks

    Hay Equipment Operations & Adjustments Clinics

    In-depth look into your hay equipment. Classes are from 1-3 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 


    April 10 – Othello, WA  ( 9-11 a.m.) (CANCELED)



    Topics Include:

    Bale Doc Setup & Operation
    ROC Adjustments

    Potato Equipment Operations & Adjustments Clinics

    Tips & tricks to ensuring your potato equipment is running at its best.


    January 31 – Moses Lake, WA (1-4 p.m.) (Registration Closed)



    Topics Include:

    Spudnik Walkaround
    Wear Parts
    Seed Potato Handling

    Introduction to Equipment & Technologies for Orchards & Vineyards Clinics

    Hands-on experience with technology for your high-value crops. 


    January 15 – Moses Lake, WA (Noon to 4 p.m.) (Registration Closed)



    Topics Include:

    5 Series Tractors

    WPS Pesticide Handler Training

    Ensure safe pesticide use & limit exposure. Classes are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 

    This course is facilitated by the WSDA & fulfills Spanish-speaking pesticide credit requirements.  


    January 9 – Othello, WA (Registration Closed)

    February 29 – Sunnyside, WA (Registration Closed)



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