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The Track is your resource for all-things construction equipment.

Led by RDO Vice President and equipment expert, Dennis Howard, The Track brings you the latest on used equipment for sale, helpful buying tips, and answers frequently asked questions to help you find, buy, and maintain your used equipment fleet. 

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February 26, 2020 | Video Duration: 5:41

Popularity of Compact Excavators and the John Deere 35G Mini Excavator

One of the fastest-growing jobsite machines is the compact excavator, also known as the mini excavator. Their size, maneuverability, and production capabilities are all contributing factors to growth for compact excavators. Additionally, newer design features on John Deere’s 35G compact excavator are also making it smart and valuable to buy a mini excavator. 

Watch as Dennis Howard talks with Adrian Cortez, a Compact Construction Equipment Sales Professional, about the trend in compact excavators. The two also walk around the new Deere 35G mini excavator.

For those interested in more information about compact excavators and all Deere Compact Construction Equipment, visit the RDO website:


February 19, 2020 | Video Duration: 3:17

Day's Excavating Succeeds with Help from Used Construction Equipment from RDO

There are several reasons to buy used construction equipment from RDO Equipment Co. Depreciation, hours of remaining productivity, and used equipment and technology among the reasons Rodney Day of Day’s Excavating in Tucson, AZ runs a, primarily, used equipment fleet. 

Dennis Howard talks with Rodney about his business, an excavation company specializing in earthwork, asphalt, and underground utilities. The two talk about why used equipment is a good investment and a few of Rodney’s tips to successfully buy used equipment. 

Watch to learn more then, for those interested in buying used construction equipment or looking for all used equipment for sale, visit our website to browse all current options across the RDO footprint:


February 12, 2020 | Video Duration: 3:16

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Questions and Heavy Equipment Diesel Engines

DEF: Diesel Exhaust Fluid. There are a lot of diesel exhaust fluid questions out there. What is diesel exhaust fluid? Do I need to use DEF? Where do I buy diesel exhaust fluid?

If your heavy equipment fleet includes Final Tier 4 diesel engines, DEF is a must. Fortunately, it’s easy to manage, buy, and use. Dennis Howard and RDO Equipment Co. Service Manager, Jon Alcorn dive into DEF and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about diesel exhaust fluid.

Watch to learn more. For those interested in learning more about DEF, or to quickly and easily buy DEF from RDO, visit the RDO website:


February 5, 2020 | Video Duration: 2:06

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Used Construction Equipment

If you have questions about used equipment, you’re not alone. Used equipment is more popular than ever in the construction industry and the RDO Equipment Co. team gets a lot of questions about used construction equipment, many of those come from hesitations about buying used equipment.

Dennis Howard shares three of the most commonly asked questions about the used equipment buying process, along with three answers to understand what to know when buying used equipment.

Watch to learn more then, for those interested in buying used equipment, visit our website to browse all current options across the RDO footprint:


January 29, 2020 | Video Duration: 3:46

Importance of Inspection to Avoid Costly Undercarriage Repair and Rebuild

An undercarriage inspection is crucial when searching for a used dozer. Why? Up to 60% of operating costs can be related to the undercarriage and, while an undercarriage may look great, even brand-new, at first glance, a closer look can reveal if certain components have been replaced or if other, more cost-saving measures have taken place.

To help show what an undercarriage inspection might reveal, Dennis Howard and Jake Mast walk and talk through a dozer undercarriage inspection. They look at components and point out some undercarriage repair points and other areas that have not yet been replaced to help understand the remaining life expectancy of the undercarriage and what may be costly in the near future.

Watch to learn more then, for those interested in buying a used dozer or looking for all used equipment for sale, visit our website to browse all current options across the RDO footprint:


January 22, 2020 | Video Duration: 2:11

How to Find and Buy a Used Excavator That's Right for Your Business

Why buy a used excavator? Whether compact or full-size, excavators continue to be one of the most popular machines on the jobsite, and used machines offer several advantages. However, the market for a used excavator is competitive, both large and compact excavators are looking to be hot this year, which can make finding the right one a challenge.

RDO equipment expert, Dennis Howard, shares three tips on how to buy a used excavator, to ensure you’re able to find a quality used machine. For those needing new technology on a pre-owned excavator, Dennis also explains why used equipment doesn’t mean dated technology.

Watch to learn more then, for those interested in buying a used excavator or looking for all used equipment for sale, visit our website to browse all current options across the RDO footprint:


January 15, 2020 | Video Duration: 6:30

John Deere Compact Construction Equipment Across RDO Equipment Co. Regions

What is John Deere compact construction equipment? How do I switch attachments on different machines? And what if I have a mixed fleet of construction equipment? These questions and more are answered when Dennis Howard gets together with Regional Sales Managers, Brian Holland and Tory Williams.

The three discuss the fast-growing segment of Deere compact construction equipment. They also highlight the different options suitable across RDO’s regions, including the Midwest, Southwest, and Texas, buying compact construction equipment whether used or new, and opportunities for used equipment attachments, even with mixed equipment fleets.

Watch to learn more then, for those interested in buying used construction equipment, visit to browse all current options across the RDO footprint.



January 8, 2020 | Video Duration: 2:43

Planning for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas with RDO Equipment Co. 

Are you planning for CONEXAre you planning for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas? The show is relevant for contractors of all sizes and there are tips to make the most out of CONEXPO 2020.

Dennis Howard sits down with fellow RDO Equipment Co. colleague, Si Hanna, to talk about the construction industry’s largest tradeshow and why to attend CONEXPO. Especially because it only happens once every three years, Dennis and Si talk about why CONEXPO is for companies of all sizes in the equipment industry. As for what’s coming to CONEXPO, four of RDO’s largest manufacturing partners will have equipment and helpful information at the show: Vermeer, John Deere, Wirgten, and Topcon.

Watch to learn more, then continue the conversation with the RDO team by visiting the website to learn more about CONEXPO in 2020:


December 17, 2019 | Video Duration: 0:47

Year-End Wishes, Fleet Management, and Section 179 for Construction Equipment

It’s year-end – in the equipment world, that means there’s still time to evaluate fleet needs and take advantage of tax savings like Section 179 and bonus depreciation if an equipment or technology purchase makes sense. Visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store to find the machine or equipment technology solution you need before December 31.

Year-end also means the holidays, and time with friends and family. Dennis Howard and the RDO team wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season, and look forward to returning in the New Year with all-new weekly episodes of The Track. In the meantime, catch up on all episodes of The Track – Used Equipment from RDO, right here on YouTube. Please subscribe to the channel and share episodes that others would find helpful as a used equipment resource.



December 10, 2019 | Video Duration: 5:31

State of the Construction Industry and RDO Equipment Co. in Texas

2019 was a good year for RDO Equipment Co. in Texas. From strong customer partnerships to optimism surrounding the expected, continued strength of highway projects in Texas, the team is heading into 2020 ready to have another successful year.

In this all-new episode of The Track, Dennis Howard visits RDO in Fort Worth and sits down with General Manager, Matt Daniell. Matt shares a closer look at how the RDO team approaches partnerships with customers, both locally and across the company’s seven stores in Texas.



December 5, 2019 | Video Duration: 6:34

Landscape Equipment and Support with RDO and Deere Compact Construction Equipment

On this week’s all-new episode of The Track – landscape construction equipment and support. RDO Equipment Co. and John Deere are committed to equipment, service, and support for landscape companies, providing what they need for various segments and tasks.

There are a lot of options to buy landscape equipment for sale, from compact construction machines to attachments. Dennis Howard is joined by Regional Sales Manager, Brian Holland, to talk about landscapers, a unique group of customers doing a variety of tasks – more than just mowing. Brian sets the record straight on misconceptions of landscapers, then the two dive into Deere compact construction equipment like mini excavators for landscape, compact track loaders for landscape, and skid steers for landscape, as well as attachments for landscape construction.

Watch to learn more about buying Deere landscape equipment, then contact your local RDO store for more information on both new equipment for sale and used equipment for sale.


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