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5 Compact Tractor Attachments to Love

5 Compact Tractor Attachments to Love

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What’s not to love about Compact Utility Tractors (CUTs)? They’re incredibly versatile, with the ability to go from landscaper to snow mover to gardener with the simple swap of an attachment. With most manufacturers offering dozens of attachments, the possibilities of a CUT are numerous.

These five CUT attachments are among the most popular and should be high on the consideration list for all owners.

1. Rear Hitch
Especially for first-time CUT owners, one of the biggest concerns regarding attachments is actually attaching them to the machine. Many assume it’s time-consuming and difficult to change out attachments.

To address this concern, some manufacturers offer hitches that make it quick and generally easy to change attachments. John Deere’s iMatch Quick-Hitch is an example of an easy-to-use hitch. The operator simply backs up, hydraulically lifts the unit, and secures latches. Compatible with numerous types of attachments, this one is a must-have for all CUT owners.

2. Loader
Thanks to the versatility it provides, a front loader is another of the most popular CUT attachments. A loader can move dirt, haul rocks, even pick up and move heavy snow in the wintertime.

Loaders are also the base for several other attachments including pallet forks, buckets and snow pushers, making it one of the first that a CUT owner should consider.

3. Mower Deck
Nearly all tractor owners have property and one of the biggest tasks on every property owner’s to-do list is mowing. Many CUTs are equipped to be lawn mowers with the addition of a mower deck.

A bonus with mower decks is some manufacturers have designed them to be incredibly easy to attach. In fact, John Deere offers a drive-over mower deck – as the name implies, simply drive over it, listen for it to click to the PTO connection, and it’s ready to go without the driver having to leave his or her seat.

4. Weights
Whether pairing a tractor with attachments at the machine’s front or its rear, those pieces add extra weight – and enough that it can throw off the tractor’s balanced design. Wheel weights will even out the change in load.

An added benefit of wheel weights is better traction and balance on uneven terrain.

5. Lights
Tractors don’t work an 8-5 schedule. Oftentimes, they’re putting in hours early in the morning and late at night, making lights an essential attachment for both productivity and safety. 

Front and rear light kits are available for many types of CUTs and give operators a greater view of what’s happening around them.

No matter how often it’s used, whether for residential or commercial tasks, these five CUT attachments are ones most owners will love. Those looking for additional options and functionality can visit the local equipment dealership to see more attachments that match specific needs.


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Brian Lohse is General Manager of Parts – Ag Division for RDO Equipment Co in Moorhead, MN.

For more information on choosing the right compact tractor and attachments, or servicing your existing equipment, visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store.