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Love your job? Our team members say, yep!

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Do you love your job? Like really love it?

When we asked some of our team members why they love what they do, they were quick to respond. We’re sharing some of our favorites here:

Anthony Kramer, Product Specialist Supervisor | Moorhead, MN
“Growing up in a farming family there has always been a very special place in my heart for agriculture. RDO Equipment Co. has given me the opportunity to be involved in the ag industry by supporting farmers and industry personnel at a level that is second to none. I love my job because it allows me to do my part in helping feed, fuel, and clothe the world! My passion for this industry is what keeps pushing me to do my best every day and continue to make a difference in the world.”

Scott Schumacher, Product Manager | Grand Forks, ND
“I love my job because I get to work every day with our team members to help provide the best solutions to our customers. I wake up every day and get to work with the most cutting-edge technology in the world and bring that to our customers’ businesses. The company gives us the resources to go out and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Chris Stanley, Account Manager | Eugene, OR
“I love my job because I have all the tools and resources I need to offer our customers a true partnership, which I fully believe is second to none. I love meeting new customers and watching our partnership start with cold calls, demos, and then growing into customers using us as a resource to help them be more efficient and more profitable.”

Aimee Haugsdal, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager | Fargo, ND
“I love my job because I feel like I am given the opportunity to make an impact each and every day.  I feel valued, I feel challenged, and I partner with incredible people and teams.”

Mike Carr, Parts Manager | Phoenix, AZ
“Being able to help someone get the correct part to keep their equipment running is an awesome feeling and a sense of accomplishment. I really love that every day is a different challenge and opportunity. Over the years, I have been able to build some strong relationships with our customers and they put their trust in me to help keep their equipment going. It’s a privilege to be able to learn about the equipment we sell and be able to grow as an employee for this exceptional company I get to work for.”

Erin Hightower, Agronomist | Pasco, WA
“I love the variety in that, any given day, I will be in 1 of 10 stores working with 1 of 240 crops.  It allows me to have the chance to grow and prosper in my own career and build a relationship with all of my fellow RDO employees as well as their producers.  It gives me a great chance to see, experience, and learn.”

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