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Spudnik Scooper 150 parked on an RDO Equipment Co. equipment lot

The Spudnik 150 Scooper for Fast, Easy Potato Handling

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When Spudnik Equipment Company began in 1958, it was because Carl and Leo Hobbs were tired of the slow, backbreaking process of loading potatoes with a potato fork. They knew there had to be a better way – and they were right.

The two developed the Spudnik Scooper, a first-of-its-kind product for potato handling and the original product of this company that now provides equipment for potato, sugar beet, and other vegetable growers.

From its easy-to-use controls and basic functionality, the Spudnik 150 Scooper may be a simple machine. However, its design is thoughtful and intentional to be a functional and efficient solution for potato handling. It can get into tight corners and move in and out of storage facilities easily. It replaces manual work of loading potatoes with a conveyor belt that moves potatoes quickly, yet handles delicate potatoes gently to prevent bruising and other damage.


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