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5 Best Tips for Fertilizing in Late Summer

5 Best Tips for Fertilizing in Late Summer

14 Jul 2023 Author: Michael Mackay Read time: 3 min

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn is not an effortless task; it requires regular care and attention. This is particularly true during the mid-summer season when temperatures soar, and rainfall becomes unpredictable. To ensure your lawn remains vibrant, it is crucial to provide it with the proper nutrients it needs to thrive.

Fertilizing your lawn during this time can make a significant difference in its overall health and appearance. In this blog, we will provide you with five essential tips for fertilizing your lawn during mid-summer. These tips will help you achieve a lush and vibrant lawn.

1. Timing is Key

When it comes to mid-summer lawn fertilizing, timing is crucial. Aim to fertilize your lawn during the early part of the season when temperatures are moderate and rainfall is regular. Typically, mid to late June is an ideal time for fertilization. This timing allows the grass to absorb the nutrients efficiently and promotes healthy growth before the harsh summer heat sets in.

2. Choose the Right Fertilizer

Selecting the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn is essential for optimal results. Look for a slow-release or controlled-release fertilizer with a balanced NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) ratio. These nutrients are essential for healthy root development, vibrant color, and overall growth. Additionally, consider using an organic or natural-based fertilizer to minimize the environmental impact and promote long-term soil health.

3. Follow Proper Application Techniques

Proper application techniques are crucial to achieve an even distribution of fertilizer across your lawn. This ensures that all areas receive the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. To begin the process, it is important to calibrate your spreader according to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. This step is essential as it ensures that the correct amount of fertilizer is being applied to your lawn.

After calibrating the spreader, divide your lawn into equal sections. Apply fertilizer in a crisscross pattern for complete coverage.  Avoid over-fertilization as it can lead to burns and stress your grass. Always follow the recommended application rates provided on the fertilizer packaging.

4. Water Thoroughly

Watering plays a vital role in activating the fertilizer and allowing it to penetrate the soil effectively. After applying the fertilizer, water your lawn thoroughly, providing a deep soak to ensure the nutrients reach the grass roots. Aim for about an inch of water per week, either through rainfall or irrigation. Don't water when it's hot outside. Water in the morning or afternoon to avoid evaporation.

5. Maintain Regular Lawn Care Practices

While fertilizing is crucial for a healthy lawn, it should not be the only aspect of your lawn care routine. To maintain a lush and vibrant yard, continue with regular lawn care practices. This includes mowing at the correct height for your grass type, regular watering, and addressing any weed or pest issues promptly. Regular upkeep and fertilizing in the mid-summer will make a tough and durable lawn that can handle seasonal difficulties.

Mid-summer lawn fertilizing is a vital step in maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard. With these five tips, your lawn will get the necessary nutrients to thrive in the hot summer.

Don't forget to fertilize your lawn at the right time with the right fertilizer, making sure to apply it correctly. Additionally, ensure that you water your lawn well and stay on top of regular lawn care. Follow these tips to have a beautiful green lawn. It will enhance the appearance of your outdoor area throughout the summer and beyond.

To maintain a green lawn year-round, you must consider fertilizing, controlling insects, aerating, and mowing your lawn throughout each season. If your lawn care equipment needs an upgrade, browse our inventory for quality lawn tractors.

Michael Mackay

Michael Mackay is Store Manager of RDO Equipment Co. in Kennewick, Washington where he exclusively focuses on lawn and landscape equipment. Service is his top priority and Michael enjoys helping customers find the machines they need and ensure they’re taken care of after their equipment purchase with parts and service support.

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