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5 Lawn Mower Attachments That Are Perfect for Spring Yardwork

20 Mar 2019

One of the best ways to get more productivity out of a riding lawn mower actually has nothing to do with mowing. A riding lawn mower can do more than just mow – that is, when paired with the right attachment.

Most riding lawn mowers like John Deere lawn tractors have a standard hitch for attachments or can be compatible by adding a hitch kit, even some ZTR mowers.

From cleaning up the lawn to prepping an area for a garden, these five attachments will help get common spring yard projects done quickly.

1. Blower
A blower attachment can be used to clean away grass clippings, leaves, and debris from the yard. A blower can also be used in the same way to clear out and prep an area of the lawn for a garden.

Pair the blower with a bagger and together they can act as more of a lawn vacuum, picking up unwanted debris to be disposed of later. John Deere, for example, offers a combination bagger, chute, and blower for use on several models of its line of riding lawn mowers.

2. Sweeper
A pull-behind sweeper is another great attachment that can be used to clean up debris. It’s especially handy in the spring to rid the lawn of old, wet leaves left over from the previous fall.

3. Utility Cart
Designed to haul a variety of materials, the utility cart can be used for everything from landscape and hardscape projects to gardening or simply tidying up objects left on the lawn such as kids’ games or sporting goods.

4. Thatcher
Excessive thatch buildup can damage a lawn’s health, which is why a thatcher is a frequently-used attachment with riding lawn mowers. In the spring, homeowners and large property owners can use this tool to prep the area for new seed, or as an aerator, allowing air, nutrients, and water into the soil.

5. Sprayer/Fertilizer
A great way to apply liquid material to a lawn, including fertilizer and weed killer, is a sprayer attachment. In addition to broadcast capabilities, some sprayers include a spray wand that can be used for spot spraying, helpful for plants and shrubs, or spraying a targeted area, ideal in several areas of a lawn or garden.  

One final note – an attachment won’t be any good if the riding lawn mower itself isn’t in prime operating condition. Those who have a lawn mower in need of a thorough inspection before spring begins should visit the local RDO Equipment Co. store or, in select areas, RDO Equipment Co. offers a mobile maintenance program, conveniently providing lawn mower service at customers’ homes.


About the Author
Marcus Braswell is an expert in John Deere lawn and garden equipment, including lawnmowers and attachments. He has 10 years of experience at RDO Equipment Co., primarily focused on sales and support of John Deere lawn and garden equipment and small lawn tractors. Today, Marcus manages RDO Equipment Co.’s newest consumer products-focused store in Kennewick, WA, where he helps customers find the lawn and land machines or outdoor power equipment they need for a variety of home yard projects.

Find out more about John Deere lawn mowers and attachments for sale by visiting your local RDO Equipment Co. store.


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