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9 Great Things You May Have Missed in 2021 from RDO Equipment Co.

9 Great Things You May Have Missed in 2021 from RDO Equipment Co.

27 Dec 2021 Read time: 3 min

It may be year-end reviews and business planning. It may be taking down holiday lights and polishing off leftovers. It may be a combination of last-minute projects and returning gifts.

Whatever way you choose to spend them, the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day can be jam-packed. There may not be much free time to catch up on all the great blogs, podcasts, and videos from the year. Luckily, we’re making it easy for you with the 3 best of each from the RDO Equipment Co. archives.

Take a break from it all and catch up with RDO’s top 9 blogs, podcasts, and videos you may have missed in 2021 – 3 videos, 3 podcasts, and 3 blogs you don’t want to miss.  

Top 3 Videos of 2021

1. Video: A Closer Look at Vermeer ATX Compact Articulated Loader
Vermeer introduced its new ATX compact articulated loader this year and it quickly drew a lot of attention.

In fact, this ATX walkaround video was RDO’s most-watched video this year.

2. Video: How to Find and Buy a Used Dozer
The used equipment market was hot in 2021 and everyone was looking for the best way to find the next machine for their fleet.

These 3 tips to find and buy a used dozer made this episode The Track’s most watched of 2021.

3. Video: Overview of High Flow Hydraulics on a John Deere 9R Tractor
RDO’s newest YouTube channel, Precision Ag Answers, launched as a resource for growers to find the help they need in their day-to-day operations.

An overview of high flow hydraulics on a tractor quickly became the channel’s most watched video. Watch it below:

Top 3 Podcasts of 2021

1. Podcast: See & Spray Select
RDO beta-tested John Deere’s new See & Spray Select – the first commercially available Deere machine, factory-equipped with advanced spraying technology.  

RDO Agronomist, Erin Hightower got hands-on with the machine and shared her observations of how See & Spray technology improves efficiency with tank mixes.

2. Podcast: Bear Flag Robotics  
After its acquisition by John Deere, Bear Flag Robotics and AI technology became even more talked-about in the precision agriculture space.

It’s no surprise Bear Flag Robotics and AI technology was one of the most popular podcasts of 2021.

3. Podcast: Amity Technology
There are three things you might happen upon in Fargo: Amity Technology, the RDO Equipment Co. field support office, and the smell of sugar beets.

The three come together on one of host Tony Kramer’s favorite episodes of the year, with more about Amity Technology and sugar beet equipment.

Top 3 Blogs of 2021

1. Blog: How to Troubleshoot 3 Common Compact Tractor Issues
People who own and operate equipment are problem-solvers. RDO strives to help and support customers in these efforts, so it was not surprising to see that the most read blog of 2021 focused on problem-solving.

Here is a breakdown of three of the most common issues with compact utility tractors and tips for how to troubleshoot.

2. Blog: 3 Ways to Overcome Challenges with Technology
All year, companies have been keeping an eye on supply chains, looking for ways to invest in existing equipment, and trying to manage the ongoing labor shortage. While technology is not the only solution to these challenges, Dennis Howard presents a compelling case for why technology is a big part of the solution.

This great year-end read offers energy and focus on technology as a top priority in 2022. Read why technology a smart equipment investment, both to mitigate short-term challenges and looking at long-term gains.

3. Blog: First-Annual Connelly/Kreps Memorial Scholarships Awarded
RDO’s biggest news in 2020 was the tragic loss of leaders Steve Connelly and Mark Kreps. The Offutt Family Foundation formed a scholarship to honor the memory of these two team members who left an indelible mark on the company.

Read how the Connelly/Kreps Memorial Scholarship made an impact this year, handing out its first scholarships to three deserving recipients.


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