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9 Signs It's Time to Invest in a Mini Skid Steer

9 Signs It's Time to Invest in a Mini Skid Steer

1 Mar 2018 Read time: 4 min

A versatile machine that’s easy to operate and packs a powerful punch in a small package. In a nutshell, that’s what you get with a mini skid steer. Whether a rental center, landscaper, or builder, here are nine signs it’s time to finally buy that mini skid steer — and why it’s worth the investment.

1. You Want to Do More…
Between the ability to take on more work and opportunities to diversify services, who doesn’t want to squeeze out every ounce of productivity from every machine? A mini skid steer is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, offering the functionality of a material mover with the capabilities of a snow blower — and more.

2. …But You Don’t Want More Machines
The reason a mini skid steer is able to be so many things and accomplish so many tasks? One word: attachments. Most models are available with dozens of attachments. Vermeer, for example, offers numerous choices include basic buckets and blades, as well as those designed for specific tasks like trenching and fencepost digging.

3. You Want to Reduce Time Spent on Maintenance…

Between deadlines, packed schedules, and trying to operate as lean as possible, preventative maintenance (PM) often takes a backseat to workday tasks. Fewer machines equal less time spent on PM, and mini skid steers are designed to require minimal daily maintenance.

4. …But You Can’t Skip PM Altogether
Everyone knows the value of PM. Thanks to a mini’s compact design, grease points are easy to access, while key areas like the loader arms and hydraulic hoses are visible for quick daily inspection. As for the attachments, most require a quick inspection and greasing, then are ready to go to work. Even the biggest perceived maintenance area for track-driven models — the tracks themselves – are being improved. The tracks on Vermeer’s newer mini skid steers, for example, feature a new design to be less prone to damage, tearing, and slipping off the machine.

5. You Need to Accommodate a Variety of Jobsites…
Especially for residential contractors and those working on smaller jobsites, accessibility to the work area often means navigating equipment through narrow gates and around various obstructions. Mini skid steers are designed to fit through slim gate openings and can maneuver around buildings, landscapes and hardscapes, other equipment, and general obstacles.  

6. …And Get to and From Locations Without Hassle
Mini skid steers are lightweight and feature a compact design compared to many pieces of equipment, especially traditional skid steers. This makes them easy to transport from one site to the next – a nice benefit for most in terms of convenience, and an added bonus for those who don’t have the means to transport larger machines. 

7. You Want Happy, Productive Employees…
No business owner or equipment operator wants to see a team member struggling on the job. Operator fatigue is both an employee satisfaction, and health and safety concern, and magnified with repetitive tasks. Consider a fencing project that requires drilling dozens or more holes. Doing the work with a manual auger is tiring and tedious, and results may be less than optimal. Doing the work with an auger attachment on a mini skid steer saves time and delivers quality while keeping the operator comfortable and, ultimately, more productive.

8. …And You Can’t Hire More Employees
Mini skid steers are easy to operate, giving one person the ability to perform numerous tasks with just one machine. There’s no need to add more operators; simply pair the right attachment to the job at hand. With intuitive controls and numerous safety features, mini skid steers are ideal for operators of every skill level. And because they’re meant to be used with so many attachments, the design ensures change-out of those attachments is fast and easy.

9. Jobsite Safety is Your Top Priority…Period
Mini skid steers are designed with operator safety in mind. A key safety feature offered on some stand-on units, including Vermeer’s, is the automatic shutoff. An operator must be standing on the platform in order to start and run the mini skid steer. In the event the operator falls off, the machine automatically shuts off. The operator platform also gives a more complete view of the jobsite area, and the ability to see nearby obstacles, equipment, and, especially, other people.

From ease of operation to the breadth of tasks they can tackle, mini skid steers are a great investment for any company looking for a cost-effective way to boost productivity.



About The Author
Brandon Kyse is General Manager with RDO Vermeer and is based in Sacramento, CA. Connect with him on Twitter @RDOBrandon.

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