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A One-Two Punch for the Paving Industry

A One-Two Punch for the Paving Industry

27 Apr 2017 Read time: 3 min

Those in the asphalt paving business know that dated technology and old methods aren’t ideal. Not only can antiquated practices waste valuable time, the end results may suffer in overall quality, both hitting the business where it hurts most – the bottom line.

Thanks to the work and advancements offered by trusted manufacturers, most major pavers now have several options for products designed to enhance the quality of pavement being laid down and the efficiency of crews doing the work.

From intelligent compaction to GNSS paving solutions to its exclusive P-32 Paver System, Topcon is one company that has and continues to offer new opportunities to the paving industry. For example, last fall, Topcon introduced  an upgrade to its sonic averaging system (SAS), Smoothtrac. The upgrade featured enhancements designed to save time – during initial setup, changing applications, and transport – as well as option to upgrade existing trackers or screens.

But even before this upgrade, the Smoothtrac system offered advantages to asphalt paving professionals, especially when combined with its P-32 Paver System. Here’s how the systems work and the unique, key values they offer the paving industry.

P-32 Paver System
Featuring the GC-35 control box, the Sonic Tracker II sensor, 9130 laser receiver, and a slope sensor, P-32 is a premier grade automation system. The combination of which and how many components are used is dependent on the paving job, so the system is designed for easy configuration to best match the project at hand.

1. Versatility
By offering control over aspects like sonic elevation and slope control, and combined with its easy configuration setup, the P-32 Paver System is designed to work for numerous applications including road paving, airport runways and parking lots, and maintenance or widening projects.

2. Precision and Production
The system offers the ability to calculate, to degrees of extreme accuracy, compaction and number of lifts required to reach desired mat thickness. Not only does this ensure a quality finish, it provides users the opportunity for best material control.

And thanks to the level of accuracy and reliability of the system, crews can work at greater speeds, as well as reduce starts and stops, for increased production rates.

Smoothtrac SAS
Smoothtrac was designed as a better option over a traditional mechanical ski. When adding Smoothtrac to the P-32 Paver System, the setup still includes GC-35 control boxes, a slope sensor, and Sonic Tracker II sensors, but adds more sensors and in different areas, and also includes the Sonic Averaging ski.

1. Mat Quality
Smoothtrac features four Sonic Tracker II sensors on the ski and one additional on the opposite side of the paver. Working in unison, the five sensors continuously measure elevation and take an average of high and low points, then adjust the screen to a mid-point. This constant and automatic adjustment smooths bumps and dips in a mat surface and ultimately offers the best averaging results.

2. Maneuverability 
Smoothtrac is a non-contacting system, allowing a paver equipped with it to be backed up, turned around, and pass over obstacles without having to lift or remove. Furthermore, the Sonic Tracker II sensors easily fold up and stay out of the way when needed for the paver to maneuver in tight areas or around curves.

In the event the Smoothtrac needs to be removed to navigate especially challenging areas, it easily removes and reattaches.

Cohesive and Compatible
Not only are these systems ideally suited to work together, they’re designed to integrate with numerous other Topcon products. Both can be upgraded with the latest technology available in the industry, offering even more opportunities.

As equipment and methods continue to advance, contractors are in better position to do quality work, on time and with a better impact on the bottom line.

Contact the RDO Equipment Co. team to find out how to implement Topcon paving technology on the jobsite.

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