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Buy These Five Compact Tractor Attachments and Accessories First

Buy These Five Compact Tractor Attachments and Accessories First

29 Jun 2023 Author: Garrett Goodwin Read time: 3 min

With the ability to go from landscaper to snow mover to gardener, compact utility tractors (CUTs) are one of the most versatile machines a property owner can have — especially with the right attachments.

While dozens of compact tractor attachments are on the market, we’ve rounded up five CUT attachments that owners should consider. 

1. Rear Hitch  

When it comes to attachments, look no further than the granddaddy of them all: a rear hitch. It offers versatility and expands the scope of tasks that can be accomplished with the machine. With seamless connection of implements, effortless trailer towing and overall enhancement of the tractor’s functionality, a rear hitch is a must-have for all CUT owners. 

However, one of the biggest concerns regarding attachments continues to be attaching them to the machine, leading many to assume it’s time-consuming and difficult to change out attachments. Some manufacturers offer hitches that make it quick and easy to change attachments, like John Deere with its iMatch Quick-Hitch. 

To attach this hitch, the operator simply backs up, hydraulically lifts the unit and secures the latches. It also offers easy hookup and fits all ASAE Category 1 implements.  

2. Loader  

Whether it be moving dirt, hauling rocks or even moving heavy snow, there’s so much an owner can do with the front loader and bucket attachments for a compact tractor.  

But the front loader’s capabilities are not limited to hauling and moving. Loaders are also the base for several other attachments, including pallet forks, buckets and snow pushers — making it one of the first attachments a CUT owner should consider. 

3. Mower Deck 

One of the biggest tasks on every property owner’s honey-do list is mowing. That’s why many compact utility tractors are equipped to be lawn mowers. Just add a mower deck.   

The majority of mower decks are designed to be incredibly easy to attach. John Deere offers a drive-over mower deck and, as the name implies, CUT operators simply drive over it, listen for it to click to the PTO connection and it’s ready to mow. John Deere mower decks for compact and sub-compact tractors are available in 54”, 60” and 72” sizes, depending on the size and model of your tractor. There’s even drive-over auto-connect decks for select tractors.  

4. Weights 

Whether pairing a tractor with attachments at the machine’s front or its rear, those pieces add extra weight – and enough that it can throw off the tractor’s balanced design. Wheel weights even out the change in load and give the CUT better traction and balance on uneven terrain. 

Some owners are even getting a bit more eco-friendly when balancing the weight of their implements. Beet juice has gained popularity recently as it’s inexpensive, dense and freeze resistant, all while helping to prevent corrosion and improve traction and stability — making it a win-win for tractor owners looking to optimize their equipment’s performance.  

5. Lights 

Like many property owners, compact tractors don’t work an 8-5 schedule. Oftentimes, owners put in hours early in the morning and late at night, making lights an essential attachment for both productivity and safety.   

Front and rear light kits are available for many types of CUTs and give operators a greater view of what’s happening around them. For a more energy-efficient option, LED light kits may be the way to go. You can find these at your local dealer, and they even come standard on some John Deere compact tractor models.   

Whether they’re for residential or commercial tasks or used a little or a lot, these five CUT attachments are sure to make any owner happy with their purchase. Those looking for additional options and functionality can visit their local equipment dealership to see more attachments that match specific needs. 

Garrett Goodwin

Garrett Goodwin is an Ag and Turf Sales Professional with more than five years of experience at RDO Equipment in Kennewick, Washington where he’s focused on customer service by providing information and answering questions on John Deere equipment and ensuring a smooth delivery experience. He enjoys helping customers to find the right equipment to meet their needs. Goodwin spends quality time with his two kids and works as a volunteer firefighter in his free time. For more information on choosing the right lawn mower and attachments, or servicing your existing equipment, call or visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store.

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