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Don’t Miss the Top Equipment Industry News from RDO Equipment Co. in February

Don’t Miss the Top Equipment Industry News from RDO Equipment Co. in February

28 Feb 2022 Read time: 1 min

Create Opportunities. It’s one of RDO Equipment Co.’s Core Values and one that speaks to multiple aspects of the company and the industry.  
Team members are encouraged to create opportunities for themselves to grow and advance their careers. The company is committed to creating opportunities that introduce people to the equipment industry. And, of course, there is a focus on creating opportunities that help customers achieve success and lead to better partnerships with them.  
RDO’s top blogs this month include a mix of equipment industry news stories that showcase the Core Value, Create Opportunities, in three different ways. Get caught up with these three stories you may have missed in February.   
1. Build Montana kicks off second year of teaching for tomorrow  
A partnership between the Montana Contractor’s Association (MCA), the Montana Equipment Dealers’ Association, and the MCA Education Foundation, Build Montana is an effort to expose students to the construction industry and show them the opportunities it offers.  
Read more about the second year of the Build Montana program.    .   
2. Mike Wollschlager looks back on 30 proud years with RDO    
According to veteran RDO team member, Mike Wollschlager, the service department is, “a way into the industry that will help you pursue any route you may choose.” 
Read about Mike’s three decades with RDO and his journey of a successful career in the equipment industry
3. RDO’s Holly Hyde becomes one of the first ever SmartGrade dealer-certified trainers 
John Deere’s SmartGrade is a 3D grade control system designed to help operators work accurately and efficiently. As one of the country’s first dealer-certified instructors, Holly Hyde is ensuring RDO Service Technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair an increasingly common element of today’s machines.  
Read to learn more about how Holly’s leadership is great for all team members to remain ahead of SmartGrade technology and how to use it on the jobsite

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